The official launch of XR4ALL, a new European XR tech community

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The Immersive technologies (XR) industry worldwide is growing fast. We are now starting to unravel the possibilities that these technologies offer to fields as diverse as medicine, training, advertising, travel and cultural heritage to name a few.

Digi Capital predicts that worldwide AR could be worth $90 billion by 2023, and VR could be worth $15 billion. However, at the European level, these technologies face many challenges: the XR market is fragmented and the lack of financing has contributed to putting the industry at risk of making it irrelevant to the competition.

Last year a multidisciplinary team of five European partners with extensive experience in the blurring boundaries between the physical world and digital representations, decided to join forces to move the European XR tech industry forward. Together: Image&3D Europe, Europe Unlimited, Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, B-COM and LucidWeb with funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme launched XR4ALL, an initiative that aims to overcome some of the obstacles the EU XR industry is currently facing.

The XR4ALL portal which was launched today is a meeting point where the EU XR community will be able to build bridges and find and interact with each other, establishing new lines of communication that will trigger further collaboration. Innovative and groundbreaking EU XR technology and research will be featured and brought to a larger audience amplifying the voice of the community and increasing the chances to attract the attention of global investors.

A large component of XR4ALL is financial support. A total of €1.5M will be distributed between 25–50 projects through an open call. If you are interested in finding out more about the open call and in joining the community please visit

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A first initiative by the EU Commission designed to strengthen the European Immersive Technologies Industry XR: VR/AR/MR and accelerate its growth

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