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European cultural heritage is undergoing a process of transformation related to digitalisation and online accessibility of cultural material.

Virtual reality is one of the technologies with the greatest potential that spans across different fields such as training, education and medicine, among others. …

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The Covid-19 pandemic had provided a market opportunity for VR meetings and collaborative platforms. Since the lockdown started, there has been a significant increase in demand for remote working, virtual conferencing and other collaboration tools.

These platforms have not only served to communicate with our colleagues, but they have also…

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In the first months of 2020, most countries have been forced to adopt extraordinary measures to protect the population against the COVID-19, such as social distancing or confinement.

To respect these rules, distance-learning or e-learning is becoming the only possible solution for schools, universities or any kind of on-site learning…


A first initiative by the EU Commission designed to strengthen the European Immersive Technologies Industry XR: VR/AR/MR and accelerate its growth

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